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Hemp fiber has been used since ancient times to make textiles. Hemp economy is the means to make that dream come true...READ MORE, Clusters become the epicenter of positive change. Fashioned by keen-eyed designers. Hemp bedding can be soft and luxurious for your pet, while also lasting a long time. It is one of the safest, organic and economic plants that can be used to ensure ecological and environmental sustainability. Hemp plants are incredibly versatile. Along with bamboo, hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. Leather is a material that is used for a very long time to make shoes that last a long time. By using this site you agree to follow the Privacy Policy and all Terms & Conditions printed on this site. Our hemp focus gives the SHGs a special characteristic...READ MORE, Enrich the community’s knowledge of organic hemp farming with modern agro-skills and market intelligence. Prohibition of hemp has meant that cotton took over. In fact, hemp has a long history and a vast range of uses. While many designers and shoemakers have tried to come up with synthetic materials like rubber or reusable polymers like plastics, hemp fibers are a way better option. Hemp cultivation is becoming more widespread, and as more hemp is grown, hemp could likely become a useful resource. Hemp can be used to induce mild intoxication, however, the process of extracting the chemical for this purpose from the plant is very difficult and the chemical obtained is really less. Photograph of Cannabis sativa. Dual purpose crops produce fiber and seed; with the seed being used for … Thousands of products made from petroleum-based plastics can be produced from hemp-based composites. Hemp is a plant and a member of the cannabis family. Decorticators are machines that strip the outer fiber from the inner fiber. They are readily available and growing in abundance in the wild. Some of them might blow your mind! A hemp revolution can change that...READ MORE, Uttarakhand’s women are an asset to the community. Now, people are waking up to the usefulness of hemp; we are seeing a definite increase in the number of hemp products available. Cannabidiol is legally extracted from industrial hemp plants, meaning that hemp is crucial to the blossoming CBD industry. When one thinks exclusively just about the uses of hemp fiber, it’s almost dazzling how multi-purpose the crop is. Since little care is required to sustain them, hemp can turn out to be one of the most demanded industrial plants of the future, a way to a good life. Plus, hemp milk is packed with protein and healthy fat, while also being low in calories. Ornate designs and patterns have often been added to hemp textiles to make them one of a kind. Because hemp s… Use hemp face masks for greater safety for self and others...READ MORE, The choice of eco-conscious fashion-forward consumers. Substituting hemp fiberboard for timber would further reduce the need to cut down our forests. Hemp fibers also can be blended with other fibers, such as cotton and linen, for specific textures and performance. We are reviving germplasm research to make hemp better...READ MORE, Only 14.5% of cultivable land was in use in Uttarakhand during 2013-2014. Speaking of hemp protein, we would be remiss if we didn’t dedicate a whole section to this beautiful plant-based supplement. Our hemp fabrics are special...READ MORE, Softer and longer-lasting than cotton. Uses of Hemp fiber Coarse Hemp fibers and yarns are woven into cordage, rope, sacking and heavy –duty tarpaulins. In other words, it’s related to marijuana. Later, trees were cut down to produce paper. The result: whole hemp seeds with an unmatched nutritional profile...READ MORE, Love to know more about hemp? Our hemp fabrics are special...READ MORE, The inimitable Himalayan terrain where hemp grows naturally. That question started it all...READ MORE, We are determined to develop sustainable livelihood options for Uttarakhand’s farming families. Clothing. Why? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We hope to see a shift in legislation soon because it really seems like this plant can do it all. Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown specifically for industrial use. It was also one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber … Foodies and nutritionists love CBD supplements in all forms; you can get it as a tincture, a capsule, or even in gummy bears! We conduct awareness camps to revive the hemp economy of Uttarakhand...READ MORE, The global criminalization of hemp has curbed germplasm research. Paper can be made from either the long bast fiber (hurd) or the short bast fiber (pulp) of the hemp plant. Cordage is an age old use for hemp fiber. Hemp oil has a high nutritional value because its 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids, which matches the balance required by the human body. Matched only by our prices and logistical expertise...READ MORE, Healthy plants thrive in their natural habitat - the Himalayas. Hemp vs Cotton: Is One Really Better Than The Other? The hemp seeds are the primary part of … These textiles are ready to work on and we have an heirloom of civilizational history that testifies how diverse craftsmanship existed create beautiful pieces of hemp textiles. It is cheaper than most textiles that are obtained organically and way more ecologically sustainable than those synthesized chemically. Food. Our Mission is to help the struggling families of Indian Himalayan region of Uttarakhand to return to farming to break the vicious cycle of poverty as they have abndoned farming due to lack of infrastructure, finances, market linkage, knowledge or threat of animals. Other vegetarian animals might enjoy hemp, though. The Hemp Farming Act has made industrial hemp federally legal after years of prohibition. The Ancient Egyptians used hemp to create paper, and the first draft of the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper. Hemp is cheaper than wood and it is a better material to be used … Hemp Foundation is a non-profit organization working on Himalayan hemp research, conservation of indigenous cultivars, and promotion of hemp farming in Uttarakhand and help the farmers market their products. Become our partners in revitalizing rural Uttarakhand...READ MORE. Hemp is used for constipation, high cholesterol, eczema (atopic dermatitis), arthritis, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. Hemp's been used for textiles since time immemorial--samples of hemp fabric in China … The dairy industry is thought to be harmful to the environment, and of course, lactose is another reason to cut out the cow. The hemp powered change has begun and will evolve, cluster by cluster...READ MORE, We are proactively developing women-focused Self-Help Groups to accelerate the economic empowerment program for women. Hurd is preferred for strength, whereas pulp is simpler to make. That’s how we enable the change agents for the hemp revolution...READ MORE, Enhancing the traditional skills of organic hemp cultivation with natural farming principles. Not only is hemp paper more sustainable, but it’s also more durable. In 2001, it was discovered that hemp could extract lead, cadmium, and nickel from the earth. Hemp seeds have been used as a sustainable source of nutrition in healthy diets and have been used in cuisines across the world since time immemorial. Know more about us. CBD Creamy Charcoal Facial Cleanser – 200 mg CBD, 1000mg Natural Tincture Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 1 oz / 30mL. Just one acre of hemp may be able to produce the same amount of paper as 4-10 acres of trees over a 20-year cycle. Animals like cats and dogs can suffer if fed a vegetarian diet, so make sure you are giving them plenty of protein and not just hemp! It is stronger than jute and linen fiber. Before hemp was outlawed in the 1970s as a part of the Controlled Substances Act, this non-psychoactive cannabis strain was used for many industrial purposes throughout colonial America and through the 20th century. Our formula to sustain the fragile ecosystem of the Indian Himalayan Region...READ MORE, To empower women is to empower entire communities. However, it might be a good idea to turn at least partially to bioplastics. The hemp pet market is pretty big now, with a variety of hemp-based treats for your furry friends. Priceless nutrition at prices to leave you amazed...READ MORE, A 100% organic miracle product bottled for you with meticulous care. The wisdom of generations. As the modern world seeks new organic and sustainable materials for everyday use, hemp fibers find themselves being put to such uses more often now. In Italy some hemp receives special processing, producing whitish colour and attractive lustre, and is used to make fabric similar to linen. A doctor’s advice should be sought before using any hemp products. Hemp is surprisingly nutritious! Hemp biofuel is being discussed as a possibility. The result: hemp yarn of amazing strength and quality...READ MORE, Find how beautiful handmade hemp jewelry made by village women in Uttarakhand is helping restore life in abandoned villages and helping them get the respect they deserved...READ MORE, Choose hemp paper. Certified to be free from any pesticides, herbicides, solvents, heavy metals, or chemical fertilizers, Non-intoxicating hemp formula (less than 0.3% THC), Lab tested for safety, purity, and potency, Contains Retinol, Caviar Oil, and Collagen. It falls into two categories. Wood or timber is costly. Paper has been historically produced from plants. This would serve as an organic and natural resource of paper, one of the most indispensable materials of everyday life. It contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. The pleasure of contributing to a rural economic revival is your bonus...READ MORE, The choice of eco-conscious fashion-forward consumers. Humans are not the only ones who can make use of hemp. A considerable portion of hemp products falls into the category of food. Hemp is used to manufacture clothing such as jeans and sport clothing, lingerie and other high fashion apparel. First, the seeds are blended with water, and then the mixture is strained. So, next time you’re thinking about making a switch to plant-based drinks, why not give hemp milk a try? Dreams of Uttarakhand's farming families woven into every fiber. Powered By: SEO Corporation, Vishal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hemp Foundation. Hemp seed oil The principal product made from hemp seeds today is undoubtedly the oil. There are plenty of ways to consume CBD. Varieties such as Futura 75, Futura 77, and … It is easily available and readily cultivable. Hemp pet foods do exist, but you have to be careful. It can be quite … Read about Hemp Foundation and our vision to create a sustainable world and provide employment opportunities to the farmers of Uttarakhand...READ MORE, We fell in love with Uttarakhand’s mountain villages. Hemp seed oil can be used to produce non-toxic diesel fuel, paint, varnish, detergent, ink and lubricating oil. Hemp paper has actually been used for hundreds of years. Premium Jane is dedicated to delivering the natural benefits of CBD to those who truly need it. In Europe and China, hemp fibers have been used in prototype quantities to strengthen concrete, and in other composite materials for many construction and manufacturing applications. It is a very workable fabric and hence can be put to multiple uses even in the contemporary world. And surprised that the villagers were leaving. If used well and innovatively, it can turn out to be one of our greatest assets. It will be quite exciting to see where hemp can take us in the future. There were times when thin slices of birch bark were used as paper. An Allergic Reaction to CBD Oil... Is It Possible? Hemp milk has an earthy, nutty taste, and many people say that it is surprisingly creamy. This led to mass deforestation on a large scale. Hemp Fiber and Clothing. 1  hemp Producing country in the world. All Rights Reserved. The planet is indeed in the midst of a plastic crisis, so we will definitely need to look deeper into the possibilities of bioplastics in the future. We do just that. Hemp is a very versatile plant that has myriad uses. If hemp can clean up the land, then it might free up space for crop growth and agriculture, reducing the need for harmful practices such as deforestation. This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. There are also many hemp oil uses, but they will not be our focus today. Hemp fiber has been used since ancient times to make textiles. A workaholic by nature, he is often found burning night oil in office.  He wants to make India the No. In terms of plant-based protein, hemp is one of the best sources. We want the best of the best lives for them and the most prosperous future for their children. There are many other uses for hemp grown for fiber though and emerging markets in Indiana and the Midwest are looking at hemp … It’s just one of those fabrics that looks and feels great, regardless of the thread count. It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The tender care of farmers with dreams. Hemp is so versatile. Amen! As building material It even used to be mandatory for cultivators to dedicate a particular portion of farmland to hemp farming – that’s how useful this crop is! First of all, hemp is a cheap raw material. This product should be used only as directed on the label. The loving care of farmers skilled in organic farming. In Italy, fine Hemp fibers are used for interior design and apparel fabrics. Since this plant produces sturdy textiles, you can rest assured that you aren’t wasting money on a toy that’s going to be ripped up in two minutes. Proponents of CBD claim that it can do all manner of things. Bast fibers can be cleaned, spun and then woven or knitted into many fabrics suitable for durable and comfortable clothing and housewares. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and not affiliated with nor do they endorse this product. Well-crafted hemp textiles are durable, breathability and have strong thermal qualities, as well as being mildew-resistant and hypoallergenic. Many CBD retailers actually sell hemp-based pet treats, which is excellent news for those looking to keep man’s best friend in good health. Hemp fiber is pretty versatile, but its use in textiles and clothing is one of the most common ways to use it. The main uses of hemp fiber proved rope, sacking, carpet, nets, and webbing. The oil extracted from the plant is used in medicine and cosmetic industries owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. While soy milk and almond milk are common choices, hemp milk is definitely a rising contender. The hemp plant is extremely hardy and can survive in harsh wilderness conditions. Also, the … To make clothes or textiles As designers and architects continue searching for innovative, … As we turn our backs on fossil fuels, scientists are looking for a way to make an environmentally and sustainable fuel. An unbeatable combination that gives our organic hemp fibers their amazing strength and quality...READ MORE, The majestic Himalayas give our hemp hurds their unparalleled quality. Varieties of hemp, whose stems are used for fiber, bio-fuel, or other products, grow to 6-7 feet in height, providing the desired long fibers for industrial processing. 100% organic. Discover an amazing kaleidoscope of topics and information...READ MORE, Check us out through others’ eyes. Be a change-partner for a greener earth. You can also find hemp bedding and hemp dog toys. When it comes to nutrition, hemp seeds are the most … The dream of an economic revival. For a cleaner, greener, sustainable planet...READ MORE, Hundreds of ghost villages with no inhabitants dot the map of rural Uttarakhand. You can buy hemp seeds with the shell or de-shelled; these are often called hemp hearts. Perhaps, better than the fashion prevalent centuries ago. Industrial hemp has become famed lately for its use in creating CBD hemp oil. If possible, purchase hemp … We all know the feeling of touching and putting on exceptionally soft clothing. A considerable portion of hemp products falls into the category of food. Hemp uses makes clothing last longer. You are just one-click away from downloading Woven-Hemp & Organic Cotton-II Poly Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Woven-Hemp & Organic Cotton-I Poly Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Knit-100% Hemp Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Knit–Hemp & Recycled Poly Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Knit-Hemp & Tencel Poly Catalog.. You are just one-click away from downloading Knit-Hemp & Organic Cotton Poly Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Woven-Silk Blend Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Woven-Woven-Hemp & Tencel Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Woven-Hemp & Recycled Poly Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Woven-100% Hemp Catalog... Swatch Book Sesries (INCLUDING 2 WOVEN BOOKS AND 2 KNIT BOOKS). Cherish nurturing a social cause even as you discover the miracle...READ MORE, The natural goodness of this nutritious vegan protein enhanced by the richness of the Himalayas. A Little Bit of Hemp Fiber History In Western and Eastern Europe as well as the Orient, hemp fibers have been used to strengthen composite products, and in other building materials for many construction … A long standing use for bast fibers are their use in textiles. This process is similar to making nut milk. Humans have used hemp for thousands of years, producing a wide variety of products. Ropes and coils have also been put to multiple uses and one such is to create beautiful works of art. While substance abuse is a prominent problem among the current general, such a multifaceted plant can pose as a very useful raw material for a number of objects for everyday use. These days it is not advisable to cut down trees keeping in mind the huge loss it causes to our environment and biodiversity. Left, staminate (“male”) plant in flower; right, pistillate (“female”) plant … History bears witness that hemp was a widely cultivated commercial crop and the uses of hemp fiber have many and multifarious. There is a range of benefits to using hemp in composites. Join our community and become part of the CBD family! Of late, fashion has shifted from being sober to being outrageous while at the same time revealing greater understanding of culture and history as well as sensitivity to the planet and issues pertaining to it. Hemp fiber has been found to be very cost-effective, with high strength and can be used as an excellent reinforcement fiber for replacing glass fiber, at a much lower price. We couldn’t forget about CBD oil! Independence is the true power, and we make them powerful...READ MORE, The historic outlawing of hemp has given it undeserved notoriety. It is also an effective painkiller and helps reduce acne. Hemp can be used to produce strong, durable and environmentally-friendly plastic substitutes. Moreover, why would one use something that’s costlier, harder to acquire and at the same time not as good as out should be when there’s a cheaper and more efficient alternative? Although other fibers have been used to create biodegradable ropes in the past, like coconut and jute fibers, yet nothing works as well as hemp. He often says, "Time is limited, we need to act fast."Â. How to Distinguish High-Quality CBD Oil from Scam Products, The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana, Amazing Tips for Making the Best CBD-Infused Latte. These days, you’ll see a lot of people switching to plant milk rather than cow’s milk. 100% organic. Hemp fibers help resolve this problem. Get the latest updates on our products and promotions. Sadly, it’s still illegal in a couple of states. Hopefully, more of these initiatives will crop up in the future. Shoes bear most of our weight and often wear out easily. It therefore is again a very useful alternative and one that is environment friendly too. The stem produces fibers for usage while the leaves and stem both contribute to creating paper. One of its traits is that it’s a bio-accumulator, meaning it sucks things up from the soil. It grows quickly, uses little water, and provides more fiber than cotton per acre. Thanks for introducing the various uses of hemp. As plant-based diets become more popular, we are likely to see more and more hemp protein supplements appearing. By involving women at every step of the hemp revolution...READ MORE, Cultivable land left fallow for too long turn into wastelands. Before the cotton industry really took off, we used hemp to produce clothes. Hemp fibres have been used for centuries to manufacture clothes, bags, shoes, paper, building materials, and insulation purposes. A hemp clothing industry was reborn in the West in 1988, and hemp is being used in increasing quantities in … Keep your eyes peeled for organic hemp shirts in the future! Void Where Prohibited By Law. This blog acknowledged me a lot about hemp and its uses which would help me in future. It’s quite unfortunate that hemp was outlawed alongside marijuana because we can make a massive number of products out of hemp. But remember, legal varieties of CBD must come from hemp plants, which are low in THC. Hemp oil, or hempseed oil, is a popular remedy.Its advocates claim anecdotal evidence for curative properties ranging from improving acne to treating cancer to slowing the progression of … Ropes aren’t just woven to be used to tie things or hang things, they have been historically used to create ornate artifacts. Ropes were a common commodity and hemp was a readily available fiber to create them. Hemp fiber has many applications in industrial sector including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, health food and fuel. Complete proteins are rare to find from plant sources. Hemp fibre is also used to make bioplastics that can be recyclable … This has negatively affected our planet and it is of paramount importance that we find an alternate raw material to create paper. As bizarre as this may sound but hemp fibers have been used to make sturdy shoes that provide both comfort and durability. Hemp classifies as varieties of Cannabis that contain 0.3% or less THC content. Phone 1-855-801-9191 (USA) +91-750-334-1387 (IND) +91-98714-92562 (IND), © 2019 Hemp Foundation. Hemp is cheaper than wood and it is a better material to be used for insulation purposes. These are sturdy plants that can withstand severe frost and need very little water or rain to foster good growth. The quality of hemp fibre depends greatly on whether the crop was grown primarily for textiles, or is dual-purpose. However, the two are quite different. Apart from all this hemp oil is also used in the cosmetics and medical industry and has been put to multiple uses. This natural paper wasn’t however always obtained from dying birch trees as is actually ecologically feasible. There are three different species of plants that come from the Cannabis genus (in the Cannabaceae family); these include Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Keeping up with this trend, Hemp shoes pull off an intriguing comeback. You will often see hemp seeds featured in healthy recipes. This type of industrial hemp has been used as a fiber source, for oil, and as an important source of nutrition for thousands of years. Besides, it is ideal for making ropes, … Human civilization can find cures of its many problems by cultivating and using hemp as well as by finding new uses of hemp fiber. Hence finding a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option is the need of the hour. Unlike the paper we use now, it doesn’t yellow over time. First off, we need to know: What is hemp? Hemp is, thus, a good plant that can be used up in its entirety. In fact, this is another of the ancient uses of hemp fibers. In this study, the researchers planted hemp into soil polluted by sewage to conduct the experiment. The seeds are edible, and so are the roots. While its … Hemp is the solution. The hemp vs. cotton debate has been raging on for decades. The comfort level you experience with hemp clothing in terms of softness is excellent. Organic hemp fabrics The stalks of the hemp plant consist of two layers: The outer layer is formed from rope-like bast fibers, and the inner layer consists of a woody pith. Practice Architecture unveiled a spectacular home in the UK that uses hemp fiber, reducing the building's carbon output. Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. Hemp fuel is a form of cellulosic ethanol, meaning that the biofuel is made from the fibrous stalks of the hemp. Hemp being easily cultivable and versatile cash crops can be easily used as raw material to create a good quality paper from hemp fiber for our uses. In this article, we will be exploring all the ways you can use industrial hemp. Fiber. While cannabinoids always tend to be abused, hemp doesn’t contain enough intoxicating ingredients to be harmful to humans. So, let’s look at some of the primary uses for industrial hemp. However, leather, that is after all processed animal hide is costly and the prices of creating leather from animal skin is not just costly but also time consuming. It was also suggested that hemp plants be grown at Chernobyl in order to clean up the dirt. Back in the day, clothing was hard for people to come by. The right climate. … Not only is hemp a viable alternative to fuel, but it might also replace our plastics. But this isn’t the only thing for which hemp comes in handy. There is a variety of hemp oil uses, making this perhaps one of the most versatile entries on our list. Lets continue with the uses of hemp! It is also used as a food and is not the same as cannabinoids used for intoxication purposes. Items like hemp paper, cloth, rope, and other supplies were constructed from the bast fibers of hemp … What Are CBD Edibles - And What Are the Advantages of Eating Them? Dreams of Uttarakhand’s farming families woven into every fiber. This because hemp grows faster than trees, and it also contains more cellulose. Hemp milk is produced from the seeds of the plant. It is easily available and... 2. Why Should Every Advocate Of Sustainable Living Choose Hemp Clothing. It can be used in textiles, nutrition, construction, the fuel industry, and more. Read our blog posts. Verify our claims. Marijuana, on the other hand, describes Cannabis plant species that have more than 0.3% THC, which can induce euphoric effects. Only the outer layer of the Cannabis … Cherish the joy of saving rural farming families from hunger...READ MORE, The unique Himalayan terrain. With all the many uses of hemp, it is great to see that this plant is no longer under scrutiny. Hemp Fibers have good tensile strength and can be used to make ropes and cords. Found in the stalk of the plant, hemp's fiber is considered green and eco-friendly. You are just one-click away from downloading Labyrinth Women’s Catalog... You are just one-click away from downloading Labyrinth Men’s Catalog... What Are The Top Five Uses of Hemp Fiber? More eco-friendly several times over. Even if cultivated as an industrial crop, the overall cost of production is considerably low and does not harm the flora and fauna of the planet. The top FIVE uses of Hemp Fibers are: 1. As a food supplement, it is intended to help maintain general health and wellbeing. Of late, it has also been recycled and it is not uncommon to see paper made from recycled paper. You will often see … I knew some of these, but definitely didn’t know about all of them. This is the most common and basic usage of hemp fibers. Generational organic farming skills tender them. It is known as a ‘complete protein’ because it contains all 9 of the essential amino acids that humans must get from food. Hemp can be used to produce fiberboard that is stronger and lighter than wood. Some of the celebrity clothing labels that use hemp fibers are … More on hemp oil on our hemp oil page. While marijuana is high in THC and can cause a high, industrial hemp is non-intoxicating. Hemp protein contains more protein and healthy fats than almond milk, but it’s less calorific than cow’s milk. However, as people have become aware of the environmental benefits of hemp, some individuals are choosing to switch to hemp clothing. Much of the fiber in a hemp seed lies in its outer hull, or shell. We’re reversing the process by reconnecting farmers with their core skill: hemp farming...READ MORE, Face masks: an indispensable accessory in the new normal. Hemp can change that as it grows on barren land also...READ MORE, Uttarakhand’s ghost villages thriving with people and life: that is our dream. Hemp ropes too have been used similarly in the past. Other hemp food products include hemp milk (more on that later) and hemp protein. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The reason this is the case is due to the fineness of the … Hemp-based plastics fall into the category of bioplastics, which are not yet widespread. A mixture of … In the USA, it accounts for a huge number of wild plants that grow without much care and particularly in the wild. This is because hemp has fibrous stalks, which are great for weaving into cloth. Produced by poor women who weave their dreams into every stitch...READ MORE, Mineral-rich soil. For now, experts aren’t sure whether bioplastics are a viable alternative for widespread plastic use. The fabric obtained from hemp are good for sensitive people too and don’t cause allergies. It can be used to make a wide range of products.

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